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Who Is David DeAngelo?

David DeAngelo is a dating expert who teaches men how to attract women. His real name is Eben Pagen and he has been a member of the seduction community for many, many years. Originally he was a student of Ross Jeffries and eventually broke away to develop his own beliefs and methods on attracting and seducing women. He is considered by many to be one of the leading experts within the seduction community and has attained guru status.

DeAngelo teaches that women are primarily attracted to a mans behavior while a man is attracted to a womans physical appearance (for the most part). He has developed a number a very effective methods and techniques for seducing women and causing them to become attracted to a man, regardless of his physical appearance. Many of his methods and techniques are based on advanced human psychology and how women are genetically programmed (through evolution) to respond to attractive men.

David DeAngelo is the founder of Double Your Dating and the author of the massively popular eBook of the same name. In addition to his eBook “Double Your Dating” he has published a number of notable DVD’s:

Cocky Comedy
On Being A Man
Mastery With Women
Deep Inner Game
Power Sexuality
Meeting Women Online
Approaching Women
Meeting Women in Bars & Clubs
Body Language
77 Laws
Advanced Series
Sexual Communication

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Some Tips From David DeAngelo

Every guy must start somewhere, so why not start with the top 3 most common mistakes guys make with women. Let us begin:

  1. Men who take themselves too seriously fail with women. I’m not saying you’re one of them, but I do believe everyone can take a chill pill every now and then and just relax and not take themselves so damn seriously. When you’re around women, be the light-hearted guy who loves life and lives it to the fullest. Actually, scratch that; when you’re around everyone, be that guy! Happiness is like a drug to women; they all want to be around the guy who can make them feel care-free. And to make them feel care-free, you must first be care-free yourself.
  2. Men who do not LEAD fail with women. Women are magnetically attracted to a man who can smoothly lead her and the interaction. In other words, don’t look to her to come up with all the “plans” / where to go on dates, etc. This is a huge turn off. When a woman asks “so what do you want to do?”, you better not reply back with “I don’t know what do YOU want to do honey?” Leadership ability is a skill in and of itself and it takes practice. It’s NOT something humans are naturally born with but rather something we learn throughout the course of our lives. Remember that.
  3. Men who do not properly escalate fail with women. “Escalation” is the term I use to describe the progression from “friendly vibe” to “sexual vibe”. You never want to end up in the “friend zone”. You know, when you finally dig up enough courage to go in for the kiss and she gasps and said those dreaded four words: “LETS JUST BE FRIENDS”. Painful I know. Proper escalation completely eliminates this.

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David DeAngelo Speaks To His Students About Attracting Women…

How David DeAngelo Changed My Life & Made Me More Successful With Women

It must have been a lonely, dark night on my computer all those years ago when I typed into Google “how to attract women”. Thinking back, I was a bit pathetic and in search of something or somebody who could help me with this profound problem of mine. I ended up reading a few articles online and frequented a few forums but a lot of the advice was pretty far-fetched. A lot of the stuff I read recommended that you learn “NLP patterns” to hypnotize women into sleeping with you. If you are the kind of guy who believes that sort of stuff… well… just leave now. :)

Anyway, I learned about David DeAngelo a few days after first searching for “how to attract women” on Google. He came highly recommended by everyone in a forum that I stumbled across so I decided to buy his eBook. It was $19.95 so I thought “whatever” it’s probably bullshit but I’ll give it a try and if it starts to talk about hypnotizing women then I’ll just get a refund. Well, I read the book and didn’t end up getting a refund. It was solid material that had nothing to do with hypnosis or silly NLP patterns, etc. I actually enjoyed the vast majority of it. The first chapter was a bit dry, but after that it was all meaty information.

It was like a light had gone off in my head and I finally realized why I wasn’t very successful with women: it all came down to my behaviors and basically the way I was acting. DeAngelo outlined and explained specifically the behaviors that are unattractive to women and more importantly what behaviors were attractive to women. Out of respect for Mr. DeAngelo, I don’t want to give away any of the major secret tricks and tactics in his eBook (I’d probably get sued) but I can tell you they work very well indeed (hint: he takes advantage of female psychology).

It’s been a number of years since I read his eBook and he has since updated it and added in a ton of new information. I highly recommend you invest in his book, as it has literally changed my life today. I casually date many women and am thinking about settling down with one in particular (she’s a cutie with a lot going on upstairs). If you’re not serious about changing things for yourself and you’re one of those people who just sits there and never takes action then don’t even bother. Continue being a virgin or occasionally getting “lucky” now and then. If you’re happy with your lot in life then by all means DO NOT buy David DeAngelo’s eBook. It’s also not going to give you some one liner to read to women and they will magically spread their legs for you. He makes it easy, but not THAT easy. lol

If you end up investing in David DeAngelo’s eBook, use the contact me form on this page to send me your eventual success story and I’d be more than happy to post it to this blog for everyone to read.

I wish you the greatest success!

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